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Pistol in holster
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In Balota airfield i found a bunch of loot. among them was a tactical vest (i think that was the name) and a pistol and a holster. i equiped the vest then i took the pistol then i found a rain coat wich i put under my tactical vest. then i picked up the holster and i could holster the pistol in it.
all these items on, i could not see the holster and the pistol but i could equip the pistol and use it.
Then i exited the game and when i was back the pistol was gone.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. equip the tactical vest.
  2. pick up the pistol.
  3. equip a rain coat.
  4. pick the holster.
  5. put the pistol in the holster.
  6. exit and enter the game again.
Additional Information

I could not reproduce, because then i have to find a pistol again. cant find it that easy.

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Not sure what you expected here. Do you think the game "ate" an item?

Afaik, the pistol holster replaces the tactical vest and vice versa.

I thought i could wear the tatical vest and pistol holder. it seems that this is not possible.
But the pistol was gone, holster empty. unless the pistol became invisible i think it was "eaten"