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T3N RDS Optics - Battery
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You can put a battery in the T3N RDS Optics for the M4A1, but turning the scope on does not do anything.

I suppose the red dot is not supposed to be there unless you turn it on with a battery in it, am I right?


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#1 Put a battery in your T3N RDS Optics
#2 Turn it on
#3 Aim - You will see no change


#1 Don't put a battery in your T3N RDS Optics
#2 Aim - You will see that the red dot appears, it shouldn't

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Noticed this also, it's all the one.

Also when the sight is badly damaged, or ruined, the dot should no longer work with a battery or without. Just an idea

Yes. I think what happens is the scope is currently set to always be on.

it might be a good idea to deactivate guest reports :)

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I agree what you guys are saying but since you cant craft or fix lens yet making it so you cant see that dot makes it hard to even use it.