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Two handed weapon permanently dissapear when on ladder.
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If you are holding i.e a nagant in your hands while having a m4 on your back.
If you go on a ladder. The nagant dissapears permanently, think this is regression from the arma/tkoh engine. {F28722}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have a Nagant and a M4 on the ground.
  2. pick up M4 and empty your hands.
  3. When M4 is slung around your back, Look at the Nagant, scroll and choose "Pickup Nagant in Hands"
  4. Step on ladder / Step off ladder.
  5. Check inventory and area around ladder.

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Just had exactly the same twice in 5 minutes. First whit eating secondly with climbing a ladder. Screenshot of is of second time it happend.
(Longer version below.)
Found a Mosin and M4 (lucky day) so put the M4 on my back and carried the Mosin with one in the chamber. Tried to eat something and the Mosin disappeared. Thought I might have dropped it by accident somewhere so went looking for it. Found another Mosin (without a bullet loaded, so I assumed it was a different instance). Tried to climb a ladder of some hut couple of minutes later. Same happend the second Mosin disappeared to (not so lucky after all).