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Shift Key Stops Working.
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Occasionally the shift key no longer works meaning you cannot run anymore which requires you to disconnect from the server. Unfortunate now with the farming issue being resolved even logging into the same server removes all of your gear, or the majority of it.


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Sometimes if you are in front of fence, wall, or press a combination of keys, and spacebar the shift will no longer work.

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This happened twice during gameplay for me (W8.1 64bit) - There doesn't seem to be any solid way to replicate it, although at first I thought it might be linked to being both very hungry and very thirsty - don't know whether there is a connection there.

When this happened to me I was still able to sprint,just not normal running. After a while normal running started working again.

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Probably related to
I'm guessing you accidentally right-clicked, putting you in optics mode and unable to run.

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try to click right mouse button
in my case it works fine a friend of mine got the same bug and he had to stand still for a moment and press the right mouse button

The right mouse button click work-around worked for me. I had been running through the woods and stopped to eat a can of sardines and found I couldn't run anymore. Right click fixed me up, thanks.