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Thirst and Hunger NEEDS to be decreased!
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I can't find a can opener or screwdriver to literally save my life. The thirst needs to be reduced as well seeing that there isn't enough items or amount given to those items to keep you from dying in 5 minutes. Give more than just a flashlight starting out at least some water. And fruits and food items with water should count as hydration.


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Just play the game

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I believe there will be more food/loot when the loot will respawn properly. Anyway, this game is hard and should stay hard. Don't ask to make it easier. If you want an easy game, you must play another game.

Edit : hard*

Yes, i agree with Sheo. I think the food/water system is "ok" balance wise. There is wells and alot of supermarkets around the map. When you go a little in-land there is much more loot.

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Not a bug.