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When using an item (food, bandage) with a weapon in your hand it requires two delayed actions.
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Whenever you have a weapon in your hand (M4, Axe, etc) and you choose to either consume food or even bandage yourself it will slowly put your gun away then cancel the action you previously did. If you try to eat again right after your gun is put away it says that you're already doing something with your hands and requires you to wait around 10 seconds for the action to be cleared so you can finally select eat.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Hold a weapon in your hands (Try M4 or Axe)
  2. Eat food or try to bandage yourself
  3. It will then put away your weapon and not eat/bandage
  4. Try the action again to eat/bandage after you put the weapon away and it claims you're doing something.
Additional Information

If it could be one fluid transition so it puts the gun away and then initiates the eat/bandage action then it would work flawlessly.

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Experienced this too. It can be pretty annoying when you add this with server lags.