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Flashlight stays lit if killed in hand and on
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Reproduced 3 times. If you are killed while holding your flashlight and it is on, the flashlight will stay lit. Even if your attackers loot your body, turn it off, pull the battery, and remove the flashlight from your body's inventory. Flashlight will remain in place and illuminate the area it was when you were killed. {F28708}


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Place flashlight in hand, turn on, get killed.

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Imgur album with screenshot light on ground, and flashlight in attackers inventory:

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I think it's nice that the flashlight doesn't turn off itself but another player should be able to turn it off/on.

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Oh definitely, this is to report that very fact. Scrambling to get to the light to turn it off as to not alert others in the area was intense. However, not being able to turn it off was unfortunate.