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Cannot move with inventory open and movement keys other than WASD
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How it is currently in the game:
WASD are the only movement keys that allow a player to move while the inventory screen is open. Even complex inventory operations, like loading rounds into a magazine, are possible this way. Using the arrow keys (or any other keys for that matter) does not allow movement.

How it should be:
A: Remove movement altogether while a player performs inventory operations and close the inventory as soon as he starts moving
B: Allow movement for any combination of movement keys, keep the inventory open when player moves

Variant A seems more realistic, often people loot bodies while circle strafing, trying to avoid fire.

Variant B seems more fair since looting is a basic gameplay element and opening and closing the inventory only to search the floor 1 m further seems like a nuisance.

Afaik this has been carried over from Arma 2, Arma 3 shows the exact same behavior. Share your thoughts on this.


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Use the standard movement keys (WASD) to move around with the inventory screen open.
Try to use the other set of standard movement keys (arrow keys) to move around with the inventory screen open.
Notice that the player can move with WASD and that it is impossible with any other movement key binding.

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