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Glitched through wall
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I was looting buildings in Zelenogorsk when I was suddenly clipped into the walls. I've been unable to get out so I just logged off. I tried logging in to different severs and I'm still stuck. {F28696}


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I'm currently in this position and I'm stuck inside a building next to a room, stairs and a door that I can't currently open.
Please find a way to fix this ASAP 0.0
I don't want to die again and lose everything, and it would take a while for me to starve to death and restart.

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This happend to me too in Cherno last night in one of those big buildings where you have to overcome the gap in the stairs to get out of it.
Using V I landed in the room on the left.

I was able to get out tho:

  1. Facing the stairs go to your right until you get in the corner.
  2. Turn right while running, it then magically transports you to another room.
  3. Go to the window and use V until you get out.

Hope this helps some of you guys until this is fixed.

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Similar thread


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