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Item use without pickup
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I've had this issue kill me, and wanted to get it out there, as I've seen a couple people complain about it, but no one's given an explanation.
If you find food/water/bandages/medicine and are a little eager to use the item, make sure you pick it up before you use it. I found out by trying to drink a soda, that without picking it up, I would get stuck in a perpetual state of "You are already using something." This will make it impossible to use bandage should be bleeding, or eat/drink any items you might be carrying. This issue can sometimes be solved by placing the item you tried to use in your hands, at which point the action will complete itself. However, I've found this will not always fix the issue, and you are SOL.
Hope this post helps, fellow survivors. {F28695}


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Find a consumable item. press tab and right click the item in vicinity. Then click eat/drink. The item will always consider itself being used, yet you will be stuck in the process.

Additional Information

This sometimes fixes itself if you put the item in your inventory, then your hands.

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It's also happened to me, you can't use something is on the ground

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This is still an issue, you can't 'use' any item that is on the ground. You can't put it in your hands either. Now there's also an error being shown when you try this. I attached a screenshot.

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I just tested this. It is fixed

I could eat stuff from vicinity with no issues after.