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Spawned in front of a zombie
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I closed the game at night disconnecting close to Cherno. Today when I started playing I spawned in the same place where I was when I stopped gaming, but there was a zombie and he killed me (you are uncounsious).

I only understood what was happening because of another bug that you can see what is happening around you after you get uncounsious by pressing ESC. For me it looks like i was killed even before the screen was loaded.

Since I never played the Dayz Mod and don't know if it's normal this kind of situation, I suggest some "invencible time" like 5 - 10 second after spawning so you'll have enough time to understand what is happening around you without being killed in the load screen.

PS.: Sorry for my bad english.


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I just had this happen to me also north of cherno. I have also fresh spawned in already getting punched by another fresh spawn. So it seems like you can get attacked/killed before you are even fully loaded in.

in arma 2 dayz mod the zombies spawned when a player was near 150 meters of a spawning point area for zombies... in StandAlone the zombies spawns on server startup so if you dont log out in a smart area you have a chance to actually spawn in close to a zombie