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Selecting inventory with tab causes mouse cursor to jump to a secondary screen..
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I have a 3 screen setup. Selecting the tab to view player inventory causes the mouse cursor to jump to one of the other monitors. Very easy to click on the screen and causes DayZ to minimize.


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This happens to me alot haha... whats even more annoying is when i'm looking around or for some reason holding alt and then check my inventory.

Yeah also happens to me, running a 2 monitor setup. every-time i open inventory i have to drag my mouse from my secondary monitor back to my primary monitor.
Something so small, yet such a nuisance.
This also (sometimes) causes the game to minimize when clicking and happened often to me in DayZ mod

Definitely. The mouse also does this when you hit esc. It seems when you hit it DayZ's window loses focus and you can mouse over like if you were sitting on the desktop.

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Yes, this happens to me as well. If the mouse was bound to the game then it would fix this issue. Too many times have I minimized the game due to this.

Happens a lot and makes it really hard to play since when it minimizes I can't do anything and just sometimes stand there getting hit by zombies.

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Same here, 2 screens. Really annoing :(
There are a few other tickets that seem to be related to this one. I guess with a single-screen setup it just jumps to the corner of the display.

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Especially annoying if you have a map open on a secondary monitor - if you look around and your cursor moves onto the screen with the map on it, then you try to use a scroll option, it will zoom the map in and out...

Hello LordOpeth,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #825.