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Unable to fire loaded FNX45
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I am unable to fire my FNX45, despite having loaded a full (15/15 rounds) FNX45 magazine into the pistol. The weapon makes the empty clicking noise.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Obtain an FNX45 a. Obtain from dead body, without ammunition. Reload with a magazine not found on body. Player should be dead before the server is joined by the tester.
  2. Load magazine into weapon.
  3. Attempt to fire.
  4. Observe.
Additional Information

The weapon was obtained from a man I found dead. Perhaps the fact that I removed the weapon from his body has resulted in this glitch.

To contact me about this in the future, please email me at:
I made my dayz forum account for the sole purpose of alerting you of this issue so I may not check back until I find more issues to report. Thanks!

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I had this issue too, I got my pistol from a body also, loaded pristine rounds into a pristine magazine, loaded into the fnx45, it just makes a clicking noise.

I have also had this problem. I thought it was because I had really bad lag, but it seems to be a much deeper problem!

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This has only happened to me when retrieving the gun from a shot up body, so I'm assuming the pistol is "ruined" and you don't know because the guns show no descriptions.

I forgot to mention, I tried with 2 different pistols, both didnt work

I found a pistol on the floor, loaded a mag, and it worked, so this problem would seem to be when looting the pistol from bodies

I've fired my FNX45 and it seemed to work fine. It might be a problem with the gun not having a description, so the ones you find might be broken, and you just don't know it.

confirmed, got the FN45 off a body and a pristine magazine elsewhere
got me and my buddy killed as it just went clickclickclick...

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It seems to only happen when picking FN45 off dead players. Did a test last night when we killed player, picked his 45 off him loaded perfect mag in got click. Grabbed a 45 off a bed, loaded same mag and it fired.

^this. @hicks16 I'm thinking its because the gun you picked up off the guy you killed, you ruined the gun in the process. But since there's no description on the gun, there's no way of telling.

Same problem here, except with a new FNX45 I found at a firestation. The rounds were in pristine condition, along with the magazine. When I tried firing, I only heard clicks.

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Thanks TheCreativeMan. This seems to indicate that it is not because the weapon was ruined by a player being shot. Perhaps it spawned in ruined condition, but, nevertheless, I still think that this is a bug.

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Guest - yeah, it hasn't been added to the game yet. Without it, I suppose it's impossible to say that this is a glitch because the guns could just be ruined but it has happened frequently enough to me, and the others who have posted here, that it would seem not. In any case, yes, everyone else has the same issue as you.

I actually am not sure if this is the result of a ruined gun, as I had this issue with one of the pistols mentioned in my note above, and after unloading it and reloading it many times, the pistol eventually fired. I did not change the pistol. Therefore, if the pistol was ruined when I picked it up from the ground, then it was eventually able to shoot. Which kinda makes this problem a whole lot more complicated. Hopefully the devs are looking into this though and will figure out the problem. Whatever it is.

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When you kill a player, it ruins most of their items including guns. However guns do not display their condition yet. Ruined guns cannot fire and this can happen with any gun. Spawned in guns that cant fire just spawned in a ruined condition.

What happened to all of the comments from guests? Now it looks like I'm talking to myself up above! :(

^Awesome! This evidence seems conclusive then; the guns are not necessarily ruined. Thanks for this!

What kind of rounds was everyone using? Are there different kinds of .45 rounds that can be used? Maybe it's just a specific type of bullet?

Nvm I found out that is the only variant of .45 ammo in-game at the moment, which means this issue is probably related to the gun itself.

My brother and I encountered this issue with two FNX45's that we found freshly spwaned on the ground in Balota. Had the same issue. Pristine clips and ammo. I think that there really is a deeper issue here. As stated above, either the guns are spawning in ruined condition, or there is a bug with the gun in general.