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Random Character Reset on server leave/join
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This has happened to me twice, but only once I've got some gear. What will happen is I'll leave a server when I'm in a building loaded down with goodies and need to go do something (use the restroom for example) and then when I log back in the character I had is gone and I'm back on the shore. It's incredibly frustrating especially when you've just spent your entire morning working on that character scavenging supplies in hope to make the trek up north only to have him deleted for no reason.


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I thought that it might be a failsafe to prevent people from server hopping and getting tons of loot from no actual work. That doesn't seem to be the case though because I tried to act like a server hopper on one character. I went into cherno and got into some random little house. I left then logged back to another server. I stayed in for about 20 seconds and then left again. I repeated this about ten times, but my character never reset. Then after I got that character killed (to make sure the limit wasn't 11 leaves/joins on a character or something) and played for real. After only my second server leave for the entire morning my character was reset.

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I remember this happening on ARMA 2: OA DayZ. Supposedly there was some way to deal with it, but I've forgotten by now. Anyway please fix this asap considering it just completely wipes away all the time you can put into a character for no reason.

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