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Colourblind players find it hard to differentiate between red and green status icons
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The status indicators in the inventory are red and green and the majority of colourblind players find it difficult to tell which colour is currently displayed.


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A quick interim fix could be simply adding an exclamation mark on the end of the text when it reaches a red state.

Light Dehydration: Thirsty
Medium Dehydration: Thirsty!
Heavy Dehydration: Thirsty!!

This would make it easier for the colourblind people without giving an advantage to colourblind or normal players.

Moving towards beta, a more elegant solution could be developed.

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As a colorblind gamer I really wish this would get implemented, or at least a colorblind mode where the indicators are maybe yellow for slightly thirsty, blue for moderately thirsty and then red for really thirsty.

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Upvoted for my brothers who can't see all the colors!

More people need to vote on this. I voted "up."

While I'm not colorblind, the first two friends I played with (via steam buddy list) were BOTH colorblind. And if that's the case then this means the probably of there being a LOT of C.B. players must significant.

This needs to be a Moderate priority, if not higher. Clearly, there are other bugs that of higher priority (hacks, zombies walking through walls,) but this is fairly high regardless.

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really need a colorblind mode or other text