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Random receiving screen for few seconds when moving around
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Sometimes i get a loading screen, wich says "Receiving..." in the upper left corner of the screen, for a few seconds and then everything is normal again, but that's kind of a problem when chased by Zombies.

Video: {F28657} {F28658} {F28659} {F28660} {F28661} {F28662} {F28663}


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Game Freezes
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Screen occurs only when moving on random occasions but kind of frequently.
Tested on multiple servers.

Additional Information

sometimes this receiving-screen contains error messages (see Screenshots)

Maybe this issue is somehow linked to 0000123 logs from me there should contain these errors too.

This issue occurs more often in larger citys or near of many buildings.

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Can confirm, one of my friends are receiving this bug also.

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I also get this. The amount of time mine lasts is random and I can hear myself walking and moving during this time.

This problem seems to be fixed for me since 114 :)