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DayZ Alpha
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List of things Ive noticed so far..

-Crosshair jumps around when flashlight is on
-People with lag (low fps) appear to run through and/or off things to other people and can sometimes be invisible
-Zombies can walk through fences and doors
-Lack of loot
-Zombies sometimes spawn inside furniture
-Characters lose all loot/gear when you exit game
-No vehicles
-In game map doesnt show the entire world
-Game will occasionally only let you run in one direction (can be fixed by hitting alt I found).


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Play the game.

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are you aware that the map is in portions, it says SE cherno or something you have to combine the parts to make a full map

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This is not how you use the feedback tracker.

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One bug per issue

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Learn to bug tracker

It's hard to vote up/agree to something, cause then there is a issue that shouldn't be an issue, cause there isn't even implanted such thing in a game, for example, vehicles, those are still in production, they will be added in future, but not so soon, it'll be near the end of game I guess, cause it's not a main problem nor factor in this game, but it'll be and that's for sure, for now developers want to know what kinda issues on what OS versions are currently with main factors like chat, animations, movement etc. Like you said about zombies, I can agree there, it was an issue in "mod" too, but main factors for now are chatting, animations, movements, interactions with basic things, maybe some item collecting issues and such...generally an basic things, then all reporters/testers will slowly move onto next issues, more advanced, like item spawn, how rare or what items should be considered to spawn, some minor weapon attachments. Just like everyone else said, you are using this "issue reporter" wrongly, describe one or two issues that are connected between, like I have my report about chat and controls, I have problems always with chat, that I can't switch channels and that chat isn't toggled, something like that. Make something about controls and then write all controls that are working wrongly or by your personal view not like they should.

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Please post one issue per report, and also make sure to search before opening new issues.