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C:\windows\system32\X3DAudio1_6.dll are either not designed to runs under Windows, or contains an error.
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The game closes out before it ever even attempts to open. I have tried:
-reinstalling the game
-reinstalling DX9
-reinstalling DX11
-validating game cache
-restarts at various intervals of re-installation
-re-downloaded X3DAudio1_6.dll from two different sources and got the same error
-turned off firewall
-turned of antivirus
-tried using administrator
-reinstalled nvidia drivers to the latest version with a clean install {F28647}


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Unable To Duplicate
Game Crash
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Launch the game via the steam directory with admin or without will net the "C:\windows\system32\X3DAudio1_6.dll are either not designed to runs under Windows, or contains an error." error.

All other efforts to launch the game do absolutely nothing.(using desktop shortcut, or right clicking in the steam app)

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Not sure of game version. I can't launch it to check.

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Try re-installing directX and/or your audio drivers. This was an issue in Arma 2 and those seemed to fix the issue.

DirectX can be found here:

I've already done DirectX multiple times, I'll try the Audio Drivers now though.

I've tried reinstalling my audio driver and get the same error. I even tried switching back and forth between on-board and pci soundcards disabling one and then the other and get the same exact error when when trying to open the game from it's steam directory.

I solved the problem by re-installing windows.

After two glitchy installs in a row...this time I decided to burn windows 7 to DVD rather then USB (via MS's usb/dvd maker tool).

It worked perfectly, so I suspect there is an issue somewhere between Windows 7, Microsoft USB/DVD tool and using a USB stick to make a new installation of Windows.

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Ok. Thank you for info and enjoy the game ;-)