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Server shutting down/restarting unannounced, please add a warning
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Last night on 4 different occasions I've joined a server only to play for a few minutes and then the server would shutdown. Im not sure if it was restarting as I waited for a minute but did not see it return to the server browser screen so I would join a new server. Me and a friend jumped 3 times between servers until we found one that didn't restart. This is not a disconnect on my part because I was with friends who also confirmed the server went down. It seems most of the servers restart/shutdown around the same time. There needs to be at least one warning before a server decides to restart.


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This is a duplicate of 0000734

The servers reset every couple of hours to respawn zombies and items. When you changed to a different server you missed out on all the new loot that spawned in. This is currently no different then how the mod server operate.

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a lot of servers now give warnings about restarts #734

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0000734: Add a message prior to servers restarting