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Flashlight Held Like Firearm Can Be Mistaken for Firearm and Lead to KOS
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Personally i dislike the way that the flashlight is held by the player when it is turned off it looks like a player is holding a weapon. In the dark i shot a player because it looked like he was holding a pistol and running to me after investigating it was a flashlight. This might help with some KOS issues. maybe only use one hand to hold the light.


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Standard use of flashlight.

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I like this because it can be misinterpreted. If your running around holding a flashlight that isn't turned on it can look like a weapon. If it's on, then it looks like a flashlight.

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For realism stuff, I agree with Holylance, you don't need both hands to hold the flashlight, maybe for other uses like making the light being still, but not for pointing normally, IMO.

playing the game will lead to KOS

if you dont want people mistaking your flaslight for a gun, then dont hold it like one. you can toggle it with the space bar. same applies for the moron you shot.