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No hunger or tiredness
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I seem to never get hungry and when I press tab to check my inventory, the only thing that's there is the thirst small bar but that's it. I never get hungry, no matter how long I run and stay in the game.

This happened after the first update.


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I think the tiredness system is disabled for the moment. About the hunger thing, it may be related to the fact that you may have eat a lot and now your hunger is so low that it takes a lot to get hunger again. It happened the same thing with me but with thirt, I drank so much water from the well that it took me about 2 hours to be thirst again.

Normaly this is worked around with the "illeness" system, that makes you sick if you drink our eat too much, but i guess that system is down too so that probably whats happening

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I guess you were right, after a very very very long time I started getting hungry again.