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I am an african american in the game. I have a dark skinned character. When I have a T-shirt on and I got to put gloves on of any kind my arms turn white as if I was a caucasian.


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Everytime I go to put on gloves on my black character his arms turn white.

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I have not tested this with the shirt off. I guess its possible that if you have no shirt on and you are african american and you put gloves on that your entire torso turns white. BUT I am not sure. I know that your head stays the same color as the rest of your body though.


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Duplicate of #33

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This is a known issue. Apart from your issue-posting it can be found in numerous other issues:


Please use the search function first! I've found all those issues by just searching for "glove". You can do it too, and it helps testers and devs with all the dupes cluttering the issue tracker. You can then up-vote or comment and elaborate your issue. Thank you!

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This is a duplicate report and/or the developers are already aware of this bug/problem.

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You can also use the 'Filter' textbox to search through existing reports using a keyword if it's not close to the top.

A list of important bug/issues that the developers are already aware of can also be found on the DayZ Forums:

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