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Bug: Item handling
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When you use an item from your hotbar (say drink from a canteen or eat from a can), the character puts away the item after one use. Because of this you can't take another swig from the canteen or eat another bite from your can without having to bring out the item again.

The automatic hiding of the item also messes up animations when you go from eating a can to bringing out your melee weapon/gun.

The eating animation finishes, you switch to the gun, the gun appears, the character puts away the gun, the hotbar goes back to whatever item you had before so you have to select your gun again, taking it off your shoulder a second time. It also makes the hotbar feel less responsive, since you often have to select items twice or more because of all the extra animations playing.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Assign food/drink item to hotbar
  2. Select food/drink item with hotbar key
  3. Eat/Drink from the item
  4. Observe that the character automatically empties his hands after using the item.

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This becomes really annoying, as to drink all of your canteen, instead of just doing the action several times (a bit annoying, a "drink all" option would be nice) you have to keep re-selecting the item and doing the action.

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I agree, when eating and drinking from bottles/canteens this mechanic of it putting the items back in inventory immediately after 1 use can get annoying. Although i wouldn't go as far as an "eat all" or "Drink All" button. How many times will that cause you to eat or drink to much b/c you clicked or selected incorrectly. I would just make it so items stay in your hands ready for use until one of these conditions are met, a) you remove the item from you hand and return it to your inventory, b) you use all the contents of the item and item is still reusable the character returns the item to your inventory (Water) or container, or c) you eat the contents of the food and the container is empty and not reusable the character drops the item on the ground.