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Some scripting is still possible
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I have attached the DayZ script executor that was released some hours ago. Take a look at it. You need to register/make a certain number of posts to get it from the source.

Patch #2 broke some of the scripts included and some anti cheating functionality hinders the other stuff, but can be sort of bypassed for now. Supposedly you can bypass the anti-teleport when teleporting long distances by logging out just after you have teleported.

CreateVehicleLocal works but the spawned stuff is only local?

Plug those holes.

2 threads on the internet where people are testing this thing out, I'm not going to. Might get some additional info about functionality from there.



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Dude! Are you serious? Remove those links and files immediately! You never should post such stuff in open areas! Post such things via PM to a mod/admin/dev but never ever public!

Make this thread private probably?

Thanks for keeping an eye on that! But please make this either a private thread, or just share the info with one of the devteam.

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Set private for sure

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There are no written protocols for cheats and exploits in the How to Guide and the How to Guide explicitly tells you to always set it to public.

Setting it to Private nonetheless.

*edit* I can't set the view status to private, or I just don't know how. If someone knows then post instructions.

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Do NOT link to cheats and scripts.

The developers are aware and have the matter handled.


Forgot to remove file ^_^