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Fell through floor in a house
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At the barn just north from Electro, when into to the house next to it to loot and clipped through the floor. Was able to get out by going prone.
(Sorry if this is already a resolved issue)


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After I got out I went back in to loot and everything was fine. Appears to be random

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Orich added a comment.Dec 19 2013, 3:21 PM

I reported similar thing. I fell through floor in Elektro hospital, stuck in a room you cant normally get in or out of.

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Try, logging in other server. I was stuck inside the floor too, change serveres about 3/4 times and it autocorrected my position :)

Orich added a comment.Dec 19 2013, 3:29 PM

I'm not stuck inside a floor ... I am stuck literally in an unfinished room in the hospital. So the walls all clip and i'm on dirt/grass ground.

I tried logging into a bunch of servers, doesnt work.

No unstuck option and no suicide option. I cant even play

Took off backpack while glitched into floor of house (Stupid) and couldn't pick it back up.

I also fell through a building and am now stuck. Good thing there is an unstuck/respawn button in an alpha /s.

I fell through the floor and died instantly:(. 5 day character and that kills me. Alpha expected.

Can you possible camp in there and shoot people and they cannot kill you back?


Thank you for sending in your feedback regarding this problem with the house.

Closing issue since it seems fixed in the latest version.