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Language/Locale of UI reflects Windows settings, should be selectable instead
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While I appreciate the effort going into localizing the game, some people like myself much prefer consuming media in their original language.

The reasons for this include:

  • humor, puns, plays on words not being translated properly or untranslatable
  • easier to discuss with/understand other international users
  • sometimes sloppy or unelegant translation (case in point: the german translation swaps a "d" to "t" - "standard" to "Standart" - which is wrong. It's a small mistake but just meant to illustrate here)

Instead of just going with the Windows locale (agreed, it's a sensible default), the locale of the game should be selectable by the user.


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. start the game on a Windows system set to some language other than English
  2. read the UI

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You can change the language by editing Dayz/Dayz.cfg but i agree with you, it would be better to put an option in game.

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Developers are also aware of the other issue.