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loot doesnt respawn
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loot doesnt respawn unless the server is restarted.


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no steps needed

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makes it pointless to go to coast cities if the server is up for more than an hr cuz everything is gone already

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I have read somewhere (dont remember where...) that respawning depends on the buildings. I mean I read that in some buildings respawn work and in some other buildings it not works. Anyone can confirme ?

i have not found a single server/area yet. i even tried to test this out but being at different places and looting and then logging and coming back to the server and nothing was spawned.

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I noticed this too. Would be great if a dev could provide some facts :)

Great Alpha so far from your side! :)

this is the only major issue in dayz ATM. fix this and its all minor stuff from there.

i really hope this is a bug and not how its supposed to be. can we get a dev to confirm if this problem is a bug and if so if you guys are working on it?