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INCREDIBLE lack of loot.
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I have played since launch and 99% of the gear I find is from dead players scattered around town. ALL buildings have nothing in them, or things like shoes/pants/shirts. Very rarely would I find any other item, let alone one that will help me survive. 99% of buildings are completely empty. Haven't came across really any other game breaking bugs aside from not being able to loot anything.


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If you are talking about the coast towns, it can sometimes be harsh to find anything useful. Had the same problem myself. Many people scavenge there. It seems that loot respawns at server restart, so the best way to find gear is to head north as soon as possible.
Again, loot is also more hidden than in the mod, and can be hard to spot.

Yes it's hard to find loot at the coast, but it's because the loot spawn at the reboot of server. I hope the loot spawn will be change in the future, but it's normal sorry :)

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I have ran over an hour inland from the coast and I have not found a single item. No clothes NOTHING. Searched every inch of the buildings.

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Loot currently only spawn on server start and won't respawn loot until the server restarts. It might be to make everything more scarce, but because of server hoppers jumping in and out of server for supplies, it's not working out.

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Confirmed: Ran all the way from Three Valleys, to Msta, to Staroye. Religiously checking every building on the way. I Found 1 zombie, a fire extinguisher, and 1 rotten banana (0%)... Needless to say I was starving when I arrived in Staroye.

Feedback: No-loot-respawn might not be a bug, but it makes for a sad session.

after i bought this game, they did not do an update for about a week. during that time i became accustomed to seeing large ammounts of loot in some key areas. now they have done an update, and reset all servers, and loot is indeed very scarce for me. ive noticed however that the farther we get from that update, the better it seems to get. im thinking the reasoning for this is that loot spawns when the server resets (anywhere from every 1 to 24 hours if i understand it correctly) but does not despawn, so the older a server gets from the time of its last complete reset (one due to a large and complex update, like the one we just saw that brought us to ver. 11477) the more loot there will be laying around since it takes time to accumulate. eventually it would get to a point where the picked over remaining loot would contain some very useful items (who needs 3 m4?).