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Died to ghost.
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While looting a building I started bleeding spontaneously, I was not aggro'd by a zombie, heard no combat sounds, just started bleeding for no reason. I tried running away and pulling out a bandage to stop the bleeding but was unable to make any actions except for moving, however the loot icon to look into a players inventory showed up and I could look at my own inventory as it was in the "vicinity". I logged out and back in to see if that would allow me to control my character, upon logging in I was unconscious and respawned.


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Exactly the same thing happened to me just right now.
Suddenly i had the loot button pop up and i wondered why. So i opened it and saw my own inventory, including the bleeding effect. First i thought of some desync thingy however, my stats were just fine.
About 10 seconds later i was unconcious. Another 4 hours lost. Aw well, Alpha ;)