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Ballistics are inconsistent. (accuracy)
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***This is far from a priority but should still be known. There are only 3 weapons (Weepins?) that I have found (m4, mosin, fnx45.) These weapons are not shooting consistently at their effective ranges despite ideal weapon condition. Tested by shooting at a building and noting where the shot hit. In previous RV3 engine games the ballistics were spot on for 5.56 weapons well into 300m and beyond, but it appears in standalone they are poor at even 50m. One of the things that players of the mod came to appreciate was the realistic ballistics and weapon simulation.


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Test against any solid surface. A scope or optic makes detecting where the bullet hit easy.

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duplicate of 0000871. Don't know how to add links though.

It's just a matter of config files, the devs messed it up bad right now. It needs fixing.

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Agreed. at a target roughly 200m despite holding Breath, Being prone and painstakingly aiming, the m4 would consistently range in what appeared to be a 5-7 yard box never actually hitting the zombie dead in the sites. had the rifle dialed in and everything.