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Dead bodies flying off along the ground!!
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Sometimes when a player is killed, their body will begin flying across the ground and ghosting through the world...


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I killed another player and his body shot off across the ground before I had any chance to loot it. Body disappeared through the world and could not find it again...

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Same happened to me. I was raiding NW Airfield and I found a dead guy sliding from the base of the firestation's tower, through the wall facing away from the airstrip and onto the concrete.

Phil42 added a subscriber: Phil42.May 8 2016, 2:36 PM

Can confirm this one, makes it hard to loot dead guys. They even float through walls as Musk said.

Today kills a survivor and when he fell to the ground floated away and disappeared and I could not loot it. This is a big bug that should be fixed.