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able to restart server
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earlier you had a issue with #vote kick there was another bug where you can #vote restart and it would restart the server confirmed this after patch #2 also #vote kick isnt resolved in #2 patch


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Confirming vote restart on 0.29.113822. Video proof:

Vote kick issue is a duplicate of #494 which has been closed as resolved, but seems like it hasn't been resolved.

also able to vote myself as admin using #vote admin [player name] and kick players and do the other admin things #restart etc

get this fixed

Yea just discovered the #vote admin thing.

I just went looking, and it took me 2 minutes to find a massive list of all the possible scripting commands... That is bad.

This needs to be fixed ASAP - I don't even understand why the ability to vote for someone to be an admin should even exist...

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All 3 of these commands should definitely be high priority to remove, all the anti-hacking effort may as well be moot if people can just ruin other's experiences with simple commands.

Simple fix would be to set the vote count at 100 or at least higher then the server population

Or just remove the commands completely... They shouldn't be there.

They haven't released the patch it's meant to be in yet, should be resolved when it is released