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Items disappear when placed on ground
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After latest patch anything i attempt to trade with a friend by placing on the ground in vicinity, disappears. Have tried both inside, and outside at various places and same issue present. Unable to access first aid kits as it has to be on the ground to access the contents. Have verified this as occurring on both my machine and 2 other friends machines. All unable to place items on the ground without them disappearing.


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Drag and drop anything from inventory to "vicinity" and it will disappear.

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same happens every so often to me, have to run around looking for medpack, box, etc

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This may be related to lag. The items do eventually show up near the place that they're dropped.

Checked the lag theory and items do eventually show up. No other lag is present in any other aspect of the game, can loot from the ground instantly, but cannot place objects on the ground instantly. Timed placing objects on the ground until they display as being on the ground as being roughly a minute at different times and locations.

This only occurs with full ammo boxes for me, and they indeed show up some time after 60 seconds. Full med-kits seem fine in my experience. (tested multiple times)

I saw this bug also, but not always. Sometimes for me.

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This is a duplicate report and/or the developers are already aware of this bug/problem.

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