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Brightness hack
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Me and my friend noticed that something changed with brightness after update, so we fought it will be ok to play normal way with flashlights at night.

When we came to airport it was totaly dark, complete black screen(besides sky) with normaln setting for gamma and brightness 50%.

My friend had turned of flashlight, and in that totaly black area he got killed, when i tweaked my brightness of course i Was able to see that bandit/hacker, and i killed him.

If you want let us to feel this game, and force us to play with flashlights....what i really enjoyed, you need to turn of those two options:(. I belive it is possible to tweak monitor settings if someone whould really need it, but now, for all of us it should be blocked:(. {F28572} {F28573}


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My computer is not fast, so i had all settings on low, 1920x1080 and i simply moved both gamma and brightnes to right.

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  1. It´s not a hack. You get good results with changing gamma and brightness to max and set HDR quality to low instead of very low. It´s in the game video settings.
  2. Yes, it´s not the way it should be. Night settings / shaders should be adjusted and chemlights or red flashlights will come in the future for sure.
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Moac what i wanted to say, while some people started to use flashlights, there are still people who are hacking with seting brightness to full, i was forced to use it because someone killed my friend with that.

Me and my friend were playing with flashlights only for about one hour, and then someone killed my friend in totaly black area, what wasn't possible without messing with gamma, and brightness. That why i think those two options should be set for 50% and locked.

I sent two screenshots of the same scene. First one is with hack, and seccond one is the way it should be all the time for everyone.

Not a hack. It's an adjustment. And the settings need to be there. Because the window behind my monitor is extremely bright during the day so I have to turn settings up just so I can see.

You can change settings of your monitor, and basicly...set up, your work space correctly. Monitor never should be with a window behind.

Duplicate of #781.

And yes, it absolutely needs to change. If players want to hack their night time via graphics card settings or adjusting their monitor directly, fine. Just don't give them an in-game option.

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if you don't know the difference between a hack and an option setting that has been changed maybe you should reconsider posting stuff on a 'bug-feedbag' site. This is to report bugs not to whine about your problems with the game.

at coren4: Trust me if I could, I would have already. I'm unable to due to the situation and room layout. Not everybody has the 100% perfect situation for stock system settings. Every game ever made has a brightness/gamma setting.
Btw people, stop calling this a 'hack' like you're editing core game files or using an injector. It's like changing the graphics settings or editing audio so you can hear other things better.

nevertheless it should be done something about it to make the game experience equal to all players.

That is one of the reasons why I don't feel like playing night time servers as I will know there will be people with a huge advantage over me when they adjust their brightness/gamma setting.

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Already a big discussion about this at issue #781