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Flashlight disappears when changing pants
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Went to move items to new pants in vicinity, kept flashlight in hand. Equipped new pants, and flashlight showed as in hand as well as in old pants now moved to vicinity. Flashlight icon was all white in hotbar. upon switching to melee weapon, flashlight was lost from hands/invintory/vicinity.

This happened twice. The second time, i was able to remove the battery from the duped flashlight in the discarded pants in vicinity. On mousing over/rightclicking the battery i was able to LICK the battery. at this point, the flashlight disappeared from my hands and the eating animation/noise played. (I LOL'd, cus it REALLY seemed like I ate my fucking flashlight).


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Find pair of pants on ground/vicinity. Transfer items from pants worn to pockets of pants in vicinity, while keeping flashlight in hand. equip new pants. flashlight will appear in both hands and in discarded/old pants. unequip flashlight. Poof, no more flashlight!

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I hope this helps!

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I just tried this.

having item in hand and dropping clothes that contain the item drops the item too

having item in hand and swapping clothing that holds the item drops the item from hands

This is fixed.