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Concrete tube between cherno and elektro where you get stucked
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So the there is a concret tube between cherno and elektro, in the swap, that if you try to get in to get hide or what ever you will get stucked. Is like the character goes undergroud and up again over and over again. No way out.


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Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this problem.

In case you need help getting unstuck, just send me a pm with your Steam ID, and I'll help you sort this out.

To send a private message, you can tick the "private" box under the text field before you click the button labeled "Add Note".

In order to make sure that we find the right spot you describe in your issue, would it be possible for you to add more information such as a specific location/screenshots for example?

Thank you

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Haha this happend months ago, anyway thanks for the help.
Yea ill try to get a picture of it and go back there and see what else can i tell you about the spot.

Alright, that sounds great!

Thanks again for the help.

Hello again,

Closing issue due to inactivity. However, in case the problem with the concrete tube persists and you manage to get a screenshot, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.