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Changing FOV to anything other than default value (1) makes weapon sights and scopes unrealiable
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Same as behavior in previous ARMA installations, when you adjust your FOV scopes become unreliable, this is a particularly glaring issue when using long range scopes and ones with zeroing and ranging. The ACOG scope is particularly unusable with non default FOV. {F28542}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Change your FOV
  2. Aim down sights with an M4 + ACOG and attempt to hit targets at the ranges which appear on the notches, you'll note that the zeroing is way off.

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Got this problem too.

EDIT: Sorry for the attached file. I've uploaded it to the wrong window. :3

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It's not really a duplicate, I reported both issues. One refers to the fact that higher FOV will make your scope smaller and have lesser Zoom, the other refers to the fact that when FOV is changed (either higher or lower values) the scope or ironsights are not zeroed. I.e place the center of the scope on someone 100 meters away when your rifle is zeroes to 100m and it will not hit.

Sure, fixing one issue might fix the other but as you can see in the other report, there are certain people who think it is not a bug, this issue however is 100% a bug and cannot be considered 'a tradeoff of having higher FOV'