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Occassionally, changing clothes makes that part of my character invisible.
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Sometimes when I change clothes my body parts go invisible and the item appears at the feet of my character's avatar in the inventory screen.

Pants for example will make my legs go invisible.

The type of clothing / body part seems to not matter – I've had this happen with shoes and pants.

After the steps below, I'd try to switch the item back to the vacinity and back again, move around etc, and eventually it works.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find Blue Cargo Pants (CP), for example. Wear.
  2. Find Red CP. Try to switch by dragging onto character.
  3. Blue CP (that I was already wearing) goes to vicinity. Characters legs disappear, and Red CP (that I was trying to wear) appear as pile of clothes on the ground near my inventory avatar's feet.
Additional Information
NOTE: This was DURING DAY 1 VERSION of the game (as stated, 028113734). I didn't see this last night while I was playing the 72 version (and I got in a solid 5-6 hours), but then, I wasn't changing clothes so much as I'd already got some epic gear.

I will try recreate this with the latest version tonight, and get some screenshots to better explain.

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Yeah, this has been reported a few times, even before that one you linked. I'd recommend closing this as duplicate.

Found out I was not first to post this.