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Cannot open door in specific house on the second floor
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In one house type, there is a seconds floor, where you should be able to open a door (the sign is shown to open it), but its impossible to do so. {F28533} {F28534}


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Find house type
try to open the door on the second floor

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tried it in several cities, always the same

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Most likely this door is not intended to open, and the door you are opening is actually on the floor below, as detailed in #465

I think I know the door you're talking about, and I had the same problem. I just figured it was an action glitching upstairs from down below (as it said "Close Door" instead of "Open Door), and if you look around in 3rd person while you're facing the door, you can see that the door leads to nowhere.

PS. You should try get an image of what the outside of the house looks like.

EDIT: What the guy above me said :).

ahh great thank both you, so it's a duplicated entry. Well better than no entry at all :)