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Character can't go up stair in hospital
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I entered the hospital building located in Elektro and went on the back where there are stairs and elevator. I nthe screen you can see the exact point where the character can't go up using the stairs.
To avoid that bug, I had to cross over pressing V and then I could go up stairs. {F28530}


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You can, did it myself a few times.

you just need to stop moving for a second and then use the left part of the stairs. you'll get on it then.

Played on patch #1 in Cherno, I was able to get up and down the stairs no problem, it could be just a placement bug.

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Check out #27. Hospital stairs are listed there.

guess this one shouldnt be used anymore then:p

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I have had this problem frequently and with other stairs as well. I usually just aim sideways and strafe up the stairs with "A".

Hi tommy86,

thanks for your feedback. This is a duplicate of #27 ([Collision] Collection of buildings that make the character stop on stairs or doorways etc.).

Please use the search function to check if an issue already exists before posting a new one.

Refer to the original to provide additional information on the issue. Thanks.

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