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Mosin stuck in reloading animation
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While prone, after firing last round, dragging ammo to mosin to reload, gun is stuck in reloading animation with constant *click* *click* *click* sound. Fixed by putting gun on back and putting back in hands.


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I have had the same issue, but I was unloading the rifle and then reloading the rifle. I was also prone and got the same reload animation and clicking sound until switched to my axe and back.

same issue here.

There is another symptom of the mosin reload anim issue, I am noting here rather than making a new report as it is probably part of the same core issue: With a mosin on my back, loaded, with scope and tripod, whenever I log in to a server it does the bolting animation and makes the corresponding sound. This also happens when I go to the main menu: after the character preview loads the gun bolts itself and makes a clicking sound.

I would also like to note the number of dupes of this issue. This is the oldest and has the most votes so please IF YOU HAVE THIS ISSUE VOTE THIS BUG UP SO IT IS NOT CONFUSED WITH THE DUPES. I will list the dupes here but I recommend giving me relationship priviledges. I work in QA professionally and this tracker really needs some cleaning up due to searching failures.

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confirmed also - prone with bipod out. Empty rifle, reload rifle, stuck in loading animation with clicky sound.
undeploy bipod, reload again, works

Same here, proned with bipod last shot taken, drag ammo and then bang animation loop. Last one was so bad had to relog, could not get out of it no matter what i did.

Happens whether standing, crouched or prone and only when the weapon is raised.

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The reloading sound seems to be "insert one round into mag and then work bolt" played 5 times in quick succession when it should be 5x insert round sounds and work bolt once.