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Unable to open any doors on a server
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Would happen to me and a couple of friends. We would switch servers, and when we would get onto the server, none of us would be able to open any doors, doors we had previously opened earlier on another server. The doors wouldnt even show the prompt of being able to open the door. (unsure if this is related, but i'll mention it. This happened 3-4 servers in a row. When we joined a 5th server, all of our characters were erased and we respawned. Could be a related bug or entirely random occurance.)


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Ensure that you are updated to the latest version. This happens when the client has a different version to the server.

Make sure your game is updated and that you're playing on a server that's also updated.

Rocket made a post stating that this would happen with conflicting server/client versions.

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Gotcha. Resolved