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Forever freezes
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When i launch the game, animation of the "bohemia interactive" logo is jerky. After, the "DayZ" logo stay for a long time, after, long black screen, and after : warning message (this is alpha...). And after, i'm on the menu and the game freezes forever. The only thing i can do it's use "alt+tab" and return on the game to "defreeze" the game, but he freezes again after 3 sec. I can play on the game, but i need to use the "alt+tab" all the time, so i don't play.

I try the game with the lowest quality, but it's change nothing. I don't think about a "fps" problem.


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My config if it's needed :

Windows 7 x64
Intel DualCore G860 3.0 Ghz
HDD > 1000GB
Nvidia GTX650 1GB

I don't have any problem on other game, even on ArmaII or Shogun II Total war (wich need a good config)

(And sorry if my english is bad, i'm french)

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Have you tried re-installing the game?

If I were you I'd give it a shot, let us know if it works. If it fails we can at least cross something off the "how to fix" list for you.

I'm having this same problem with buggy / laggy / slow opening screen with Bohemia and DayZ logos. Do you recommend reinstalling by re-downloading? Or just backing up, restoring, verifying etc.

I only ask because my internet is piss poor in Wellington (10mb/s).

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Shame on me, why i don’t think to re-instal the game. So i do this now and it's change nothing.

Other important thing : the afternoon, i put my drivers up-to-date and the game worked perfectly. After playing, i left the game and stop my computer and when i came back to play, the bug came back and then, i post this issue.

When i go on windows task manager > process, i can see Dayz.exe *32. This "*32" doesn't means a 32bits version ? And my os is on 64bits version. If i'm not wrong, this could be a incompatibility problem ? But i have lot of other thing with this "*32" and i have no problem with.

RKL_FR Right: now I am not at home so as soon as I get home from work I will check that one out for you. But I'm 100% sure that the SA runs on 64 bits and 32 bits aswell. So that's one thing ruled out. Will get back to you on this.

  • Reinstalling the game might provide a temporary fix

Bulldozer: I would just give it a shot tbh. If it works it works and right now it doesn't seem like you can play anyway. So might aswell give the devs some help by rulign some things out so the work they have to do for a fix becomes way less.

Ok thank you for your help. I don't have the bug today, the game work perfectly. But i'm not sure that can go as well on other playing session.

I play yesterday and today without the problem. I think the bug was resolved, but don't know how.

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original reporter fixed it