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Clothes Sometimes dont attach correctly to body.
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Sometimes if you attach boots to your character your feet get invisible and the boots are centered on the ground between your feet and not moving. You can fix this with rewearing the boots.
Same goes for shirts and trousers.


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I had the same issue with a t-Shirt, I had looted a black t-shirt and put it on my body and it made my torso invisible, I took it off and put it back one and it was fine.

I have not had it happen since so I cannot say that it is reproducable

I have had this issue also with shirts and pants. I haven't has this since the recent patch though.

Sorry, just saw this. Added my 2cents for this bug @

I had this issue with a backpack as well. I believe it was caused by me dragging the backpack to my inventory rather than my body. I resolved the issue by dragging the backpack from my inventory to the vicinity (all within the Gear Menu) and dragging the backpack onto my character avatar.