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Game crashed in menu after trying to go in to configure controls
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I had clicked play game, then cancelled, then went into the menus, then it crashed {F28513} {F28514}


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To be sure this is a bug we need some info really.. Has this happened more often or was it a one time thing? Did you reboot the game and did it work then?

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you're not sure that the game crashing is a bug? really?? I'm a senior software developer myself and I'm pretty sure if I tried to tell my boss the product was meant to crash when he clicked that button he wouldn't be too impressed.

I'm sorry there's not a lot of info in here but I don't have much more. I didn't remember exactly what I was doing and couldn't reproduce it at will trying the same sort of thing. Also, apologies I forgot to attach the crash dump files. I had one other similar instance last night when I was playing the game then went into the menu to check a key binding and it crashed while in the menus, so I've attached the crash dump files from that crash - maybe it will help you. If you still think there's not enough info then by all means close this issue.

DanZ, Sorry if I came over offensive to you. By all means it wasn't ment that way, also I am not a dev but just trying to help out a bit.

(Look at it this way, if I can help gather more info on issues before devs take a look at it, they have more to work with once they do and can fix the issues faster)

I took a look at your post and the reason why I asked is because as you know software can crash from time to time without apparent reason and then continue to work normal once rebooted.

Just had another similar crash - was playing the game then tried to go into the controls menu - instant crash - I've attached the crash dumps as CrashDumps2.7z

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Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build. Thank you.