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Headlight is not working
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I have a headlight in my inventory, I have attached a 9V battery to it and I'm carrying the headlight on my character. When I turn the headlight on (by right clicking the item in my inv) there's no light. Right clicking the item again allows me to "turn of" the headlight.


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What is the condition of the item?!

I will check out the condition of the item when Steams Authentication Servers are complying ^_^

Haven't even checked, but I THINK I had this issue earlier on as well, with a different set of headlights.. Stay tuned...

"Badly Damaged"

I ASSUME that that's the reason why it's not working, but until someone can confirm this I'll let this one stay. Betters safe then sorry ;)

Found the same item in good condition, works just fine. My bad, my apologies.