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Pistol spread
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The first few shots from the fnx45 seem to we extremely wide and the when the target gets closer it seems to be more accurate while aiming down the sites. Meaning no matter how I shoot the first few shots will miss, even if I am point blank.


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Aim down sites of pistol and left mouse click.

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I don't have this issue with the mossin nor the m4a1.

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I have also noticed that the FNX45 is wildly inaccurate sometimes, to the point where I cant hit a target more than 30 feet away. Im not sure if this si due to the gun being damaged or not, as it has no description when I try to examine it.

Id look into the state of the weapon (When the issue is fixed with not showing main weapon state or side arm state, only attachments). I'd also look into using 1st person and 3rd person to see if you notice a difference. 1st person/3rd person doesn't always line up with shots when looking at the dot.