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Stuck on Alt+Mouse Camera View, Cant Turn
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So I was running through the forest, then I used Alt+Click to look around while running. Then, it seemed when I let go of Alt it still didn't turn my character, it only turn the camera and his head. I tried making sure my Alt key wasnt stuck, and if I tried to Alt+Click again nothing would turn, the character would just vibrate slightly.


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Happened randomly once, Cant seem to reproduce.

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Double tapping Alt toggles free look. This might be the issue?

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Did you make sure it wasn't toogled? If you double click Alt it toogles so you will turn your head with mouse moviment by default. Double clicking Alt again should fix that.

Yes, double click alt, it should fix it.

Or try spamming the alt button. Worked for me.

R834 added a comment.Mar 1 2014, 2:05 PM

No response from reporter, although most likely caused by accidentally toggling free look