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Multiple Water bottle in backpack re-filling bug
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If you have 2 water bottles in your backpack (eg. one is 100% full and the other 75%) you are unable to place the least full bottle into your hands for re-filling no matter what.
Only solution is to place a water bottle on the floor whilst refilling the other.

Not a major bug but a bug nonetheless. thanks


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have multiple water bottle in back pack with at least one not 100% full

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The problem with this is, that it only refills the bottle highest up in your inventory, regardless of which bottle you have hotkeyed and what hotkey you have selected.

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^^I'll have to try that. I've been having the same problem. Even when I try to change the less full water bottle to my hands it won't work, the 100% bottle is always in my hand no matter what.

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also i would to note, i have not yet tried this with 2 canteens. if someone would liek to confirm that would be great.

Confirmed that this also affects 2 canteens. Tried filling both up at the Lopatino well, but it only filled 1. Had to drop the filled one to fill the other up.

because regardless of which one you have in your hands, it only refills the first one that it encounters in your inventory (which is highest one up). you have to swap the empty with the full so the empty is at top of inventory and you can refill empty one. Probably loop bug in the code.

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ive had the same problem dropping the full bottle didn't even help as the game didn't register that i dropped the full bottle

It won't let you refill from the hotkey. However, if I open my inventory then X the full bottle out of my hands, then drag the empty one in, I can fill my empty bottle up. This means you don't have to drop it on the floor, but it is almost as much effort.

Duplicate of #9 (Hotbar (Using Non specific item)).

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