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Confirmation of changes, connection failed
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Everytime i try and join a server i get "Confirmation of changers, connection failed" error message, havent been able to play the game yet because of it.


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Join a server, same every time.

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Steam authentication is currently experiencing an issue. They are working to resolve it ASAP.

PetrvsK added a subscriber: PetrvsK.May 8 2016, 2:29 PM

Same message but when a server is full!

The issue addressed has nothing to do with the steam servers, also this issue is allready noted and assigned

Issue ID: 0000064 Confirmation of Changes - Connecting Failed

Double issue report, this one can be closed/removed devs.

Rossums added a subscriber: Rossums.May 8 2016, 2:29 PM

This is a duplicate report and/or the developers are already aware of this bug/problem.

Please check the feedback tracker to see if an issue exists before creating a new one and instead vote the original one up so the developers can see it's a common problem. (Most of the most popular will be up top if ordered by Priority).

You can also use the 'Filter' textbox to search through existing reports using a keyword if it's not close to the top.

A list of important bug/issues that the developers are already aware of can also be found on the DayZ Forums:

Any additional images of the problem in question is always appreciated (if possible) and can be added by using the 'Upload File' section within a bug report.

I have added the original report above under ‘Relationships’